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Owner &

Creative Director

My name is Katie Williams and I am the Founder, Owner and Creative Director for Katie Williams Events. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012 with a BA in Political Science. My first job out of college was working for a political strategy firm, where I learned the basics in fundraising, campaign management, and how to work with ALL types of personalities! Before opening Katie Williams Events in 2017, I worked for various private companies focusing on project and timeline management, fundraising, company events, and budget analysis. You could say I'm sort of an organizational mastermind.

I have always been a creative person, (before landing on a major I dabbled in art history, painting, fashion marketing, and even photography!) so the main passion for starting Katie Williams Events came from my desire to combine both my organizational and creative sides into a career where I could help people create that magical day they've been dreaming about. Nothing brings me more joy than to see the months (or year!) of planning come together on wedding day and to know how happy our clients are with a grand celebration of them and their love for one another!

I am originally from Richmond, Virginia and have been residing in South Carolina for 7 years, 5 of which have been in Greenville. I am happily married to my very patient husband, Nick. We have two sweet dogs, Lyla & Riggs, and they are the best fur children you could ask for. When I'm not planning & designing weddings, you can find me with a glass of wine watching 90s sitcoms (or Bravo), snuggling with my dogs and husband on a lazy Sunday morning, hosting a girls night in, or decorating my home for the seasons and all holidays! 

My name is Marion Reeves and I am the Principal Planner & Planner Advisor for Katie Williams Events. I graduated from Clemson University in 2014 with a BA in History and finished my Masters from Clemson University in 2015. I spent 4 years teaching 8th grade at Sevier Middle School plan to take a break to follow other passions as of 2019. 


Working with Katie Williams Events has allowed me to further develop my passions for planning and design. Working as a planner has allowed me to work with some of the best brides! I love getting to watch the planning process from start to finish and see the execution of the wedding day come full circle. One of my most rewarding aspects of working with Katie Williams Events has been to see the planning come together to meet and exceed a bride's expectation of her dream day!


I grew up and currently reside in Greenville, SC. I love being able to call this city home! In my spare time you will find me checking out delicious resturants and fun breweries around Greenville. I have a sweet labradoodle, named Scarlett, who is the light of my life! 

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Managing Partner & Principal Planner


My name is Makayla Autenrieth and I am the Wedding Director & Executive Assistant for Katie Williams Events. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2019 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. In the past, I have been involved with charities and nonprofits that host events to raise money for children with disabilities and cancer research. 


Working with Katie Williams Events has given me the opportunity to learn and grow every day, both personally and professionally. I have always enjoyed projects that allow me to work with different people and come up with creative solutions. Although I love seeing how beautiful a wedding turns out, I love watching people make memories even more. It’s so exciting to see the love and happiness our couples experience on their wedding day. 


I was born in Anderson, South Carolina but moved to Indiana when I was nine years old. I moved back to Greenville after leaving college in Lexington, Kentucky. I am engaged to my affectionate and hard-working fiancé, Sean. We have one dog, Jack, and he is the best work-from-home buddy! When I’m not working on your beautiful weddings, you can find me downtown with my friends or at home spending time with my family. 


Event Lead & Assistant Planner

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What is the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

A wedding planner generally is the most involved professional you can hire to help you to plan your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is like hiring a new best friend to figure out and discuss every detail of your wedding. A wedding planner helps the bride and groom prepare, organize, design and financially manage the wedding. Wedding planners are typically hired soon after an engagement, and full wedding planning takes roughly one year from the time of your engagement until your wedding day.

A wedding coordinator helps, at a limited capacity, when you're planning your wedding yourself. He or she ensures that everything goes smoothly on the day of the wedding. Wedding coordination is similar to wedding planning, but does not require as many hours, and typically a wedding coordinator is hired around 6-8 months before your wedding (usually once the bride and/or groom get a little tired from doing the planning themselves, hit a snag with vendor sourcing, or have saved some more money in their budget to bring on a coordinator).

As a full service wedding planning & design company,  we tailor our services to fit the needs of each couple working with us, and every couple experiences all of the full service planning & design benefits, suited to their style, size, budget, and scope of wedding. Additionally, we do offer à la carte services for couples who are in need of additional planning services for other wedding related events. We do not offer a basic "day-of coordination" service, as wedding day coordination is included in full service wedding planning. We do not offer "30 day planner" or "partial planning" packages.


For information on our services, please read more Here.

Why do I need to hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding, whether you’re expecting 50 or 250 guests, requires a lot more than just picking out pretty flowers or tabletop décor. A wedding planner essentially juggles the roles of designer, budget manager, coordinator and logistical wizard—all while helping you pull together your wedding. They can be tapped to take care of everything on your to-do list, from choosing aesthetic details to going over vendor contracts and dealing with day-of emergencies—a huge asset for busy couples hoping to plan their day with minimal stress. They’re clued into everything there is to know about executing a wedding, and all that comes along with such an emotionally charged event, so you’ll be in good hands whether your issue is bouquets or a vendor who is running late. Plus, they’re connected with top venues and pros in your area, ensuring you have the best team of experts to pull off your celebration. Simply put, an experienced planner is one of the key investments you can make when bringing your day to life.

How many hours do you work on my wedding day? Can I hire you for extra hours if needed?

Generally a wedding day is anywhere from 12-14 hours, sometimes more! As a part of your services with us, there is no set time limit for hours worked on the wedding day. Most venues offer a 10-12 hour rental window, and for the average size wedding, that gives us more than enough time to load-in, setup, manage your vendors as they arrive, prep the bridal party, and conduct the ceremony & reception. Every now and then an additional hour or two at the beginning of the day is needed for wedding day prep or errands, and we also factor that into your services with us as a standard part of the wedding day. Additional hours can be purchased as-needed for weddings that have a large guest count attending (over 300+ guests), very intricate or multiple day setup, or any other determining factors that warrant more time on-site from our team.


For more information, please View Our Services.

Can I create a custom wedding planning package?

Yes! We are happy to help you curate the perfect package of planning, design & coordination services. We recommend a phone or in-person consultation to go over all of our services in order to prepare the best package for your specific needs. Contact Us to set up this consultation!

Do you travel?

We do! For any weddings outside of Greenville, SC and its surrounding cities/counties (The Upstate) we charge a one-time, $250 flat travel fee to help offset the costs of mileage and hotel expenses. If you need us to travel out of town for multiple meetings at your venue or with vendors, we will work with you on the travel costs associated with this level of service. For more information, please Contact Us.

What is the average budget of a Katie Williams Events client?

This really depends on a variety of factors (wedding size, location, décor & personalized details, catering, etc.), but our clients' budgets typically range between $45,000-$80,000, with higher end budgets reaching or exceeding $100,000. We suggest planning to spend around 10% of your budget on your wedding planning services. We are open to working with most budgets, however we generally like to start with at least $45,000 for 100-120 guests, with a budget that is commensurate with the guest count as that increases (150+ guests) , to ensure proper services and standards are met. For example, a guest count of 150-200 should have a budget of at least $50,000-$75,000. The budget should increase as your guest count increases. This is how we can absolutely ensure proper services & design needs are met.

When do we start working together, and how long should I expect the planning process to be?

We begin planning as early as 14 months before your wedding date. Typically, planning does not pick up and move at full-speed until the 12 month mark, but we do understand that couples are booking their vendors earlier than ever these days due to high demand, so we are happy to accept engaged couples with a wedding date as far out as 14 months (or longer if needed, on a case-by-case basis). 

Do you work with any vendors exclusively?

We do not. We have various special partnerships with local and national vendors, but none of these are exclusive partnerships. We like to give our clients the freedom to work with any professional vendor* they choose. The special partnerships we do have are solely for the purpose of offering special rates or promotional services/products to our clients by vendors that we trust and love working with. *Professional vendors are vendors who are licensed and insured to operate their business.

Do you have a team that can fill in on my wedding day in case of an emergency with my Lead Planner (illness, injury, etc.)?

Don't worry! If your Lead Wedding Planner catches the flu the night before your wedding, we have a team of five highly skilled, professional, talented women who are ready to work on your big day. We operate as a team from start to finish with all of our weddings, so you will always have multiple people working on your plans behind the scenes and who are knowledgeable about the details of your wedding. Should your Lead Wedding Planner become ill or injured and is unable to perform her duties on your wedding day, our team is prepared to adjust and have another professional planner ready to work in the event of a staffing emergency. We also always have at least two planners on-site at every wedding, and add planners as-needed based on the guest count and other details of the wedding that may require more of our team on-site for the wedding.

I'm ready to get started! How do we begin the process?

We would love to meet you! Please fill out our Inquiry Form so that we may schedule a phone or in-person consultation. During this consultation we will review our services and discuss how we can help bring your wedding dreams to life!